About Japan EOS Lens

EOS Lens is a contact lens of a new concept. Thus wearing feeling is pretty superior.

Produces a color contact lens by a "dyeing method" that is a new method of a new technology

EOS produces 2 kinds of Cosmetic Lens such as
1) World's one & only dyeing method lens
2) Sandwich pigment-printed lens.

1. Features of the dyeing method lens

  • As the pigment penetrates into the lens, surface roughness(unevenness) is not occurring at all and the lens surface is exceptionally crystal clear and glitters.
  • Wearing feeling and oxygen permeability are superior.(Oxygen and light are permeated into the colored part, refer to the above picture)
  • Sight hindrance is none.(The light is permeated into the colored part too)
  • It feels natural when in wear.(The light permeates into the colored part so that the color of the iris and the lens are matched)
  • Forever it is not decolorized, discolored.

2. Features of the sandwich pigment-printed lens

  • It has got a wide variety of designs.
  • Color tones are various and excellent.
  • Surface unevenness is good.